doctorsmithisin (doctorsmithisin) wrote in rpgads,

Dear John... (or Jack)

looking for an AU John Barrowman (or Jack Harkness, also AU) to play against my au Matt Smith in a small (~37 characters) long-running, low-to-no (ooc) drama, and laid-back livejournal game. Added benefit, the mod (me) is a mogwai.

I have a backstory in mind but lots of room for you to develop the character (and tbh, I'm not married to the backstory; we can set something else up, too). I am looking to set up a loose sexual relationship to start.

Matt's profile can be found H E R E.
John would be taking over as either Donnie or Mark if you go with the set backstory.

Matt's not exactly innocent or vanilla, and I'm open to roughness (not abusiveness). He is a drug user, so your boy would need to be okay with, or at least tolerate, that.

Gameplay is primarily over AIM (a few players will thread or g-docs, but I prefer not playing that way).

Finally, I'd like to chat a bit, possibly an IC chat, before you apply, to make sure that we actually connect, both as players and as characters.

Please IM doctorsmithisin on AIM. If I show as offline, you can still message; I take offline IMs
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